All you have to do is be perfect… | PadreCast Sixth Sunday Ordinary Time

I am most likely never going to be able to keep all the commandments flawlessly. So how can I be saved by them? This was the very problem that Israel had, even before Jesus came in the flesh. St Paul talks about this in several of his letters. He says that God had given the commandments and His teaching, but they were unable to keep them.
Then He gave His Son. And what did His Son do? St Paul reminds us in our second reading. Jesus, this great mystery of salvation died for us. He paid the price of the Law so that He could give us mercy. Because of His suffering, because of His death, because of His resurrection, we are delivered from the consequences of the Law. That's how we are saved.
If we could follow the law perfectly, we wouldn't need Jesus Christ. But how many of us can stand up and say, "Yes, I do not need the Lord"?
Sir 15:15-20, Ps 119:1-2, 4-5, 17-18, 33-34, 1Cor 2:6-10, Mt 5:17-37
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